H2ONYA bottle 'cleanskins'

H2ONYA bottle 'cleanskins'

Insulate and protect your 500ml bottle with this wetsuit style jacket.

Made from premium neoprene with a chunky carabiner:
* your drinks stay fresh and delicious for longer
* your bottle is protected from wear and tear
* and of course, it’s Onya..

* Premium Neoprene – easily passes the new Reach 38 toxicity test
* Completely free from the nasty toxins associated with normal neoprene (Passes New Reach 38 Test)
* Less energy and petroleum used to manufacture
* Tougher with greater insulating qualities than normal neoprene

500ml = black with green trim ($9.95)
750ml = black with purple trim ($10.95)
1000ml = black with blue trim ($11.95)
Bottle size:

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