ENVIROCLEAN laundry and pre-soaker powder - 1kg

ENVIROCLEAN laundry and pre-soaker powder - 1kg

Highly concentrated, suitable for use in both front & top load washing machines. Safe to use on cottons, synthtics, whites and coloureds. All water temperatures. Enzymes in our powder work effectively as a pre-soak for stains. Soak in a bucket or machine overnight to assist in stain removal. Do not add more powder.

Front and Top Load Machines
Soak overnight in the machine or bucket to remove stains.
Nappies – add 2 dessertspoons enviroClean Disinfectant.
Very concentrated 1 – 3 dessertspoons depending on load size.
No phosphate
No chlorine.
Separate whites and coloured.
All water temperatures.

No phosphates
Non caustic
No chlorine
No animal testing
Readily Biodegradable surfactants AST4351
Septic & Sewerage safe
No Palm Oil

Also available in travel and bulk sizes - please contact us for prices.
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