ENVIROCLEAN bathroom and toilet cleaner - 750ml

ENVIROCLEAN bathroom and toilet cleaner - 750ml

Refreshing pine oil. Cleans, freshens, sanitises and disinfects most bathrooms and hard surfaces and is also ideal for pet areas.

No phenol
Toilets, bathrooms, pet areas
First aid
Can be mixed with enviroClean Vigor for extra cleaning
Sanitiser – add to nappy bucket with enviroClean Laundry Powder & Pre-soaker
Pet areas and sick rooms

Refill 750ml ready to use Bathroom & Toilet Cleaner with Disinfectant Concentrate.


General Cleaning: Spray on, leave for a few minutes, brush or wipe with a cloth, rinse of with clean water.

FIRST AID: Spray onto minor cuts and abrasions.
Dosage: ½ to 1 cap (25-50mls) to 500mls.

Heavy Soiled and Pet Areas: Spray onto surface, leave for 10 minutes, clean with cloth, broom or brush. Rinse of with clean water.
Dosage: 1 to 2 caps (50-100mls) of enviroClean Disinfectant concentrate and 1 cap (50mls) of enviroClean Vigor All Purpose Cleaner concentrate to make RTU cleaner.
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    750ml ready-to-use trigger spray